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Book update

By adminSunday - April 19th, 2015Categories: blog

After some back and forth with my editor/designer, final edits for the Doodze book are done! The rest is in the publisher’s hands as they get the digital files uploaded and other stuff ready for printing and distribution.  All that to say, I should have news about a release date and how to buy the book soon. Stay tuned!


(Note: This is actually not the final cover, though the art will be the same.)

State of the Webcomic Address

By adminFriday - March 20th, 2015Categories: blog

First of all, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at the cover art for the upcoming Doodze book:

As the ad says, it’s coming soon! I’ve been working with the publisher on final layouts/ proofs this week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some writing. It’s been hard for me to nail down a plot I’m happy with and excited about diving into the art for. I think I’ve been in danger of over-thinking and over-plotting the life out of it. I started with a long story with two inter-woven plots, then tried to just do one of those in a shorter story. I went through a few drafts this way.

Finally, as of today, I’ve gone back to a longer plot for but the two plot threads run in the first & second halves consecutively rather than back & forth. And I’ve tried to simplify and shorten them. This’ll make it easier to follow (I hope), and if they’re longer than expected I could even release it as 2 books. 

Gonna try not to be too detailed up front, so I can improvise if inspired. But the structure’s gotta be there first! I’m in the middle of my last crack at finalizing the plot, then I’m gonna start rough thumbnail sketches. It’s been my goal to get to that point by the end of March, and we’re almost there.

All that to say, if all goes well, Book 1 is coming soon, and the webcomic is returning soon too! 

Thanks for following along. Hopefully I’ll have more news soon!

Doodze 2015 State of the Webcomic Address: The Year of the Sh’leep (updated)

By adminMonday - January 5th, 2015Categories: blog

2014-08-16 16.43.45

Hello all,

First of all, happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by and for checking out my comic. Here’s what’s on tap for the next little while.

1. Doodze still re-serializing here on the site. I’m going to post twice a week till the end, which should take about two months.

2. I’ve also started posting Doodze over on Tapastic, so if you’re a Tapastic person, you can follow along, starting HERE!

3. Doodze book 1 (in actually book form) is coming soon! I just got word that they’re planning on having it ready for release by the end of January! Hopefully I can fill you in with more details shortly.

4. I’ve been working on a detailed plot for the next big Doodze arc. But I may take a break from Doodze to do some short-term side projects before diving into another long one here.

5. On that note, I’m thinking this year will be a year of creative challenges and experiments. Some of that will probably be Doodze-related, some may not even be comics. More word soon, I hope.

That’s all! Hope to have fresh news for you soon. In the meantime, follow me here, on Twitter or on Facebook to keep up with the comics and all my creative doins.




By adminFriday - November 7th, 2014Categories: blog

Hi, everyone. Been a while since I blogged here on the webcomic site proper, but I have been keeping busy elsewhere. Here’s an update on what’s going on with me art-wise…

1. The first Doodze book is done (YAY!) and off to my publisher and hopefully I’ll have details soon.

2. I’m still re-serializing the comic here on the site in its final edited form.

3. I’ve made some really good progress sketching and plotting for Book 2. I hope to have a good buffer in place so I can start posting that as soon as Book 1 is done updating. Sometime in January, I guess?

4. Meanwhile, I’m doing the 30 Characters in 30 Days challenge again this year, though I’m posting to Twitter and Tumblr this time instead of the official site. Feel free to follow along! #30characters

5. And finally, I’m also doing another challenge this month called Art Soundoff, started by the guys at The challenge is to do a micro art podcast daily for the month… I’m already falling behind, but you can follow my progress HERE or on my aforementioned Twitter. Yes, this means DoodzeCast is back! #artsoundoff

Phew! Lots going on! Hopefully I’ll have more news and behind the scenes stuff for you soon. Thanks for reading!

Hints of things to come…

By adminTuesday - October 7th, 2014Categories: blog

I’ve been doing lots of sketching and writing over the past week, working on the next Doodze — what will become book 2 some day. So here are a few sketches to wet your appetite…




Bamboora Village

By adminThursday - August 21st, 2014Categories: blog

Hey, look! I’m blogging! It’s been a long time since I’ve update the Doodze blog, but I just finished this map, and don’t really have a section/page on the site to upload it to yet. So, not wanting to wait, I’m posting it to the blog for your enjoyment. Here’s a little comic cartography for you…


Now Daily! Read for Details…

By adminWednesday - May 7th, 2014Categories: blog

OK it’s official.

Doodze is now posting 5 days a week till we burn through all 14 chapters of Book 1. This’ll include new pages and edits; some edits minor, some pretty huge. Over all, the same story, but hopefully it’ll flow more smoothly and not have plot holes. Should take a few months, during which time I can keep ahead on edits, prep the thing for publishing as a book, and get Book 2 plotted out.

If you’re an old reader, I hope you’re the type who likes behind-the-scenes/making-of content, because basically everything up till now has been that, while THIS is the final version. Please be patient waiting for new new pages. I’m going to plan ahead better and get it right next time.

If you’re a new reader, welcome!

Thanks, everyone, for reading, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Welcome to the NEW!

By adminTuesday - May 6th, 2014Categories: blog

As you can see, is back, and now hosted at  You may also have noticed that all the content is gone. Funny thing, that… I actually was having database problems, preventing me from getting the new site to work.  This delayed the site move.  Meanwhile, I’ve been working on editing old pages in prep for collecting them as a book. I’d been debating whether or not to post the edited pages and new additions to the site or to just save them for the book.  Well, the site not working inspired me to see this problem as an opportunity…

So, I’m going to re-post the whole Doodze story line to the site as I edit it. This is the FINAL version. Everything up till now has been the work-in-progress.  This is the real deal.

Since most of the work is done, I’ll post it a lot more quickly. Hopefully this will keep the site fresh and attract some new readers or people who have put off reading the comic due to the SLOW progress.  I’ve already got the first three chapters done, so it’s just a matter of exporting and uploading them.  Then I’ll either post a chapter at a time, or maybe try posting a page a day.  Either way I should be able to stay ahead with edits to old pages and drawing new pages.

All that to say… Welcome AGAIN to Thanks for reading.