State of the Webcomic Address

State of the Webcomic Address

By adminFriday - March 20th, 2015Categories: blog

First of all, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at the cover art for the upcoming Doodze book:

As the ad says, it’s coming soon! I’ve been working with the publisher on final layouts/ proofs this week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some writing. It’s been hard for me to nail down a plot I’m happy with and excited about diving into the art for. I think I’ve been in danger of over-thinking and over-plotting the life out of it. I started with a long story with two inter-woven plots, then tried to just do one of those in a shorter story. I went through a few drafts this way.

Finally, as of today, I’ve gone back to a longer plot for but the two plot threads run in the first & second halves consecutively rather than back & forth. And I’ve tried to simplify and shorten them. This’ll make it easier to follow (I hope), and if they’re longer than expected I could even release it as 2 books. 

Gonna try not to be too detailed up front, so I can improvise if inspired. But the structure’s gotta be there first! I’m in the middle of my last crack at finalizing the plot, then I’m gonna start rough thumbnail sketches. It’s been my goal to get to that point by the end of March, and we’re almost there.

All that to say, if all goes well, Book 1 is coming soon, and the webcomic is returning soon too! 

Thanks for following along. Hopefully I’ll have more news soon!