So what’s up with the NEW Doodze stuff, anyway?

So what’s up with the NEW Doodze stuff, anyway?

By adminWednesday - August 12th, 2015Categories: blog

That, my friends, is a good question!

It’s been almost a year, I think, since Doodze book one finished serializing here on the site. And at several points I’ve blogged or tweeted that new stuff is in the works. I may have even been bold enough to say “Coming soon!” Well, if I was so bold, I apologize for now living up to those claims.

The thing is, the first Doodze book suffered from too much improvisation, which resulted in a LOT of editing once it was supposedly done. I want to make sure I have the story worked out ahead of time this time… and it’s been taking longer to get there than I’d imagined. I’ve probably been guilty of over-thinking it to the point of taking the fun out of it. But I think I needed to put it down for a while so I could come back at it with a fresh perspective.

Well, I think I’m actually close to knowing what I want to do now, and where the story is going next, and (the hardest part of all) what to do with the all-important first act. I learned a LOT through the process of making Doodze book one, and through various books, blogs, podcasts and so on that I’ve taken in over the past several years. Trying to APPLY what I’ve learned has taken some work.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been playing around with some other, non-Doodze-related ideas. One or more of these may take priority over Doodze from time to time… BUT I do still intend to tell more stories with Doodze. I’ve come to love these characters, and want to get back to regularly putting out finished content.

So… I’m not going to make any bold promises just yet. As you’re reading this, I’m away from home and not able get “down to business” just yet. But HOPEFULLY I can make an official announcement soon, and HOPEFULLY that’ll mean new Doodze.


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THANK YOU so much for reading! Hope you’ve had a great summer.