Now Daily! Read for Details…

Now Daily! Read for Details…

By adminWednesday - May 7th, 2014Categories: blogTags:,

OK it’s official.

Doodze is now posting 5 days a week till we burn through all 14 chapters of Book 1. This’ll include new pages and edits; some edits minor, some pretty huge. Over all, the same story, but hopefully it’ll flow more smoothly and not have plot holes. Should take a few months, during which time I can keep ahead on edits, prep the thing for publishing as a book, and get Book 2 plotted out.

If you’re an old reader, I hope you’re the type who likes behind-the-scenes/making-of content, because basically everything up till now has been that, while THIS is the final version. Please be patient waiting for new new pages. I’m going to plan ahead better and get it right next time.

If you’re a new reader, welcome!

Thanks, everyone, for reading, and I hope you enjoy the ride.