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Doodze 2015 State of the Webcomic Address: The Year of the Sh’leep (updated)

By adminMonday - January 5th, 2015Categories: blog

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Hello all,

First of all, happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by and for checking out my comic. Here’s what’s on tap for the next little while.

1. Doodze still re-serializing here on the site. I’m going to post twice a week till the end, which should take about two months.

2. I’ve also started posting Doodze over on Tapastic, so if you’re a Tapastic person, you can follow along, starting HERE!

3. Doodze book 1 (in actually book form) is coming soon! I just got word that they’re planning on having it ready for release by the end of January! Hopefully I can fill you in with more details shortly.

4. I’ve been working on a detailed plot for the next big Doodze arc. But I may take a break from Doodze to do some short-term side projects before diving into another long one here.

5. On that note, I’m thinking this year will be a year of creative challenges and experiments. Some of that will probably be Doodze-related, some may not even be comics. More word soon, I hope.

That’s all! Hope to have fresh news for you soon. In the meantime, follow me here, on Twitter or on Facebook to keep up with the comics and all my creative doins.



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