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By adminFriday - November 7th, 2014Categories: blog

Hi, everyone. Been a while since I blogged here on the webcomic site proper, but I have been keeping busy elsewhere. Here’s an update on what’s going on with me art-wise…

1. The first Doodze book is done (YAY!) and off to my publisher and hopefully I’ll have details soon.

2. I’m still re-serializing the comic here on the site in its final edited form.

3. I’ve made some really good progress sketching and plotting for Book 2. I hope to have a good buffer in place so I can start posting that as soon as Book 1 is done updating. Sometime in January, I guess?

4. Meanwhile, I’m doing the 30 Characters in 30 Days challenge again this year, though I’m posting to Twitter and Tumblr this time instead of the official site. Feel free to follow along! #30characters

5. And finally, I’m also doing another challenge this month called Art Soundoff, started by the guys at The challenge is to do a micro art podcast daily for the month… I’m already falling behind, but you can follow my progress HERE or on my aforementioned Twitter. Yes, this means DoodzeCast is back! #artsoundoff

Phew! Lots going on! Hopefully I’ll have more news and behind the scenes stuff for you soon. Thanks for reading!

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